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I love writing for food and drink brands. So much so that I'd like to dedicate a whole, juicy page to it.


The thing is, I’m into good food in a big way. I like nothing more than going to nice restaurants, whiling away the hours at local markets and trying delicious, new recipes in the kitchen. So, as you can imagine, I’m over the moon whenever a foodie brief pops into my inbox.


Over the years, I've gained quite a lot of writing experience in the world of food and drink. And have become au fait with the legislation around it, too – especially when it comes to making health claims.


My food and drink experience
Here's a wee brand round-up to whet your appetite:


  • Twinings (packaging copywriting)

  • PizzaExpress (website copy)

  • BANKS rum (website copywriting)

  • innocent (press releases)

  • CHEDDS (packaging copywriting)

  • Smirnoff (packaging copywriting)

  • DIAGEO (promotional video)

  • GAIL's bakery (in-store booklet)

  • Walkers Shortbread (packaging copy)

  • ZUMA (packaging and web copy)

  • Hovis (website copy)


Food and drink copywriting

Tuck into The Copy Cupboard*

  • Mr Kipling (web copy)

  • Waitrose (point of sale material)

  • Sacla' pesto (website copywriting)

  • Sharwood's (packaging copywriting)

  • KP Snacks (web copy)

  • Delice de France (web and brochure copy)

  • Verde Coffee (brochure and web copy)

  • Iceland (brochure copy)

  • Simplee Aloe (packaging copy)

  • Ocean Spray (articles)

*It's late. It's just you and me. No one will know what you're feasting on...

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