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Freelance copywriter services

You name it. I write it.



I write pretty much anything. Irresistible food packaging that cries ‘eat me’. Scripts that make you sit up and listen. Brochures that create a little ooh la la. Whatever it is, a freelance copywriter like me can make all the difference to what you're saying – and how you're saying it.

You might have some great things in your head but just can't put them down on paper. You could be struggling to find the right words and need a copywriter's professional touch. Or you simply want a freelance copywriter to polish what you've already written so it shines with stand-out brilliance instead of just 'doing the job'.


Emailers and banner ads? Check. Copy for social media? Check. SEO websites and advertorials? Check. There are plenty of opportunities to write online – and the chances are, I've covered most of them.

Digital copywriting is different to print. People don’t stick around to mull things over. They click, scan and flit. And if you haven't captured their attention straight away, they’re gone... bye bye.

So, you’ve got to stretch their short attention spans with punchy, engaging copy. Every word’s got to pull its weight. And a freelance copywriter like me can make your readers stop, read and take action.


Words won't work on their own. It may sound strange, but if your thinking's not straight, then your writing won't be either.

There are all sorts of ways I can do a spot of thinking for you. It could be that you'd like to define your tone of voice (or how you sound). You might even want me to spend the day with an art director coming up with some concepts. Or you simply want to create a product or brand name that fits the bill.

So, name your conundrum, and I’ll see if I can help. 



Being able to write is one thing. But understanding the industry and what journalists want is another. With a background in public relations, I can write the press releases that help get you noticed.

I've worked on PR campaigns and written press releases for fruity fetes with Innocent, sniffly summer noses for Olbas Oil – and world record attempts with Ecotricity.

I just need to know what you want to say and your key messages – then I'll transform them into a language that your target media will understand. 

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